Fiction Challenge #3

Hey, you guys it’s been a while but I have an excuse. I’ve been trying to find inspiration but it’s been hard to come by. But I’m happy to share this new story and right on schedule with Valentine’s Day. Thank you for reading and keep sending us your feedback and ideas.

PS: This fiction challenge is a bit different. We used the first line generator to generate random sentences scattered around the story.

The water looked deep and inviting but this wasn’t where she wanted to be. She looked down once more. Was this really the right decision? When she imagined the situation earlier, she didn’t picture the cliff that high. It didn’t look like anything she expected.

She sat on the edge and thought for a moment.

Why was she here? She felt unloved. But that’s not uncommon.

What changed? She desperately wanted to face him but always came short.

Whatever happened to her. Just a few years ago, she would mock girls who let men control their minds and lives. I guess she should have never judged them.

She was miserable because she married the first person who asked her. Because her mother insisted that no one would ever love her. Because he was the first one to ever notice her. The first one to kiss her. She was miserable because she married him – despite his many flaws – because she thought it was all she deserved.

She stood and looked down again. Was she brave enough to go through with this? Some people would call that cowardice though: Leaving her kids behind. Giving him that satisfaction and going away that easily.

She didn’t want to do this. Maybe she should give life a second chance. She could go home and give him a piece of her mind. She would tell him that she find out about her, the constant business trips, the nights at the motels and that she was going to leave him.

She could do it.

If she found strength to stand on this cliff, she could face him.

But a minor error ends all hope of success.

Her foot slipped and she started to fall.

And in the end, nothing mattered. From now on, it was never going to be an ordinary day. He would forever remember how she chose to end it all over spending another night by his side. And in that moment, all her thoughts vanished and in the last seconds, before she reached the water, she felt no regret.


Fiction Challenge #2: Period.

Voila! Our second Fiction Challenge is here, thanks to BOOKFOX’s First Line Generator again. If you missed our first challenge (which is a personal favourite), you can read it right here.

I couldn’t remember the date of my last period, but I had the nagging fear that it had been more than a month.

I usually write these things down but apparently I forgot this time. I checked my phone’s calendar: nothing. I checked my agenda: nothing. Damn!
I curse myself for never using the stupid cycle app on my phone. Damn it!

Don’t panic! Don’t panic yet!
It could be stress. It’s happened before. Remember a couple of years back when your period vanished for three months due to “excessive stress”. Maybe it’s happening again. Just relax.

I go up on the scale. Damn. I’m up by two. Damn damn! This cannot be happening.
I should have taken the pill. Why can’t I be reliable for once?

What to do?

What to do?

I walk around the apartment, from one room to the other.

I should tell him.
I should call him right now and tell him my worries right away. What if he reacts badly? What if he’s not ready? I’m not ready! What if he hangs up and never answers my calls ever again. Damn it!

I should just text him the potential news.
Something like “Hi, I haven’t had my period in while and you’re the only person I’ve ever slept with!” Text him then turn off the phone for an hour or so. He’d panic for sure. Or go possibly crazy because I vanished.


Damn! I should have listened to the sexual health class at school. Damn damn damn!

Okay enough! You’re overreacting. Maybe it’s just PMS.

Yes this is probably just PMS.

Or maybe –
I’ll be giving birth to triplets in eight or nine month. Stop stop stop!

You’re overthinking again. It will be okay.

I shouldn’t have done that.


I should not have done that!

I’ll never have sex again.

Decision taken.

Yeah sure.

Fiction Challenge #1: Crash

This first challenge was triggered as I was checking BOOKFOX and I found its first line generator tool. I refreshed the generator once and got a really interesting first line.
I think I’ll do more of these challenges, so feel free to suggest first lines or ideas.

He knew that 95% of people in plane crashes survive, but he was shaking uncontrollably because that five percent was enough to terrify him.

He was breathing heavily, turning his head left and right without really seeing anything. Five percent meant that out of a hundred passengers, five were living their last moments.

“Ma’am, you need to stay calm. We have the situation under control.”

They were at least three hundred passengers on that flight. Not to mention the flight crew. Five percent meant that at least twenty were going to perish in a few seconds.

His eyes widened. He didn’t want to become just a number on the news tomorrow. He’d rather be the only one dying on this damned plane and have his full name and biography on TV. Maybe they’ll mention his achievements and his dedication to work.
Exhibit A: he was killed on a business trip while attending a conference that he didn’t give a single damn about. Maybe it’s a good thing that this plane is crashing, he was going to be saved from hours and hours of speeches and nonsense. He did joke about it just a few hours before take off. Maybe this whole disaster is his own fault.

He shivered as he saw hundreds of motionless bodies and a plane in pieces stranded on the shore. He pictured himself sinking in the Atlantic ocean, rescue teams searching for him. His parents watching the news, crying and praying. He saw her face, she was in grief, her mascara ruined, but looking prettier than ever. Would she forget about him? Would she ever fall for someone else? He should have proposed to her when he had the chance but he always waited for the right time. God he felt like a total idiot!

He thought of all the opportunities he was going to miss on, because he didn’t grow a pair and told his boss “no, I don’t want to go this time”. He was never going to travel the world with his sweetheart. Never going to marry her. Never raise a family he always dreamed of. Never know what it’s like to be a parent and it’s a damn shame because he thought he’d make a decent one. He was never going to meet his kids, take them in his arms, hug them tight, read them a book, kiss them goodnight, save them from monsters under their beds.

“Please sir, keep your seat belt on.”

He looked to his left and saw the panic in everyone’s eyes. Even her in her blue uniform,  he could see how scared she was as she made sure everyone’s safety. He could feel that she was not ready for this to happen and her safety demonstration earlier was a script well memorized. Who was he to judge her though? This was probably her third flight this week and was eagerly waiting to go home. She’s probably wishing she never took this job. He wanted her to look at him, he wanted her to know that he understands. But she was too busy trying to keep a man in his seat. Why must everyone make her job ten times harder than it already is?

He turned to the couple sitting on his left. She was crying and he was holding her tight, he was crying as well. He couldn’t help but wishing he wasn’t alone in this. He didn’t want any more casualty but he could use a hand to hold. Her hand to hold as the plane crashes. He wanted to kiss her one last time and smell her again. He wanted to watch another beautiful sunset by her side and tell her that it’s not as beautiful as her and she would blush and smile. He was never going to see her smile again.

And his mind jumped from a thought to the other like a series of hyperlinks: I’ll never know who won the election, the Bad Hombre or the Nasty Woman. I’ll never know how “How To Get Away With Murder” ended. I’ll never go to the movies again. I’ll never listen to my favorite song again. I’ll never watch football again. I’ll never have a good meal again. Can’t believe my last one was a gluten free plane platter! Screw these new trends!
He couldn’t help but laugh. At least he could still laugh through this awful situation.

He did feel guilty about laughing though. These were terrible last moments and he needed to focus. He had so many mental messages that he wanted to send and there wasn’t much time left. He wished he had a piece of paper to write it all down. Note to self: buy a notebook for future flights. He thought about that for a moment and felt deeply saddened by the idea. These were terrible last moments and these were his last moments, thoughts, breaths on planet earth.

As his life flashed before his eyes and tears ran down his face, the plane kept falling at a scary rate. He looked through the window. Despite the speed of the fall, he could still see the sunset, more beautiful than ever. He could feel the end coming closer. He could see the ocean getting closer.
He closed his eyes, saw her face on a happy day and couldn’t help but smile. She was perfect and he was so lucky to be a part of her life. He hoped she knew exactly how he felt about her. He hoped she knew she was his very last thought.