It’s Only Been A Year

I guess it’s been a year already. A round of champagne on us!

But to tell you the truth I was expecting to have written a hundred story by now. I suppose I’m not as reliable as I thought I’d be. I’m only 1, what did you expect?!

Baby girl celebrating her first bithday with gourmet cake and ba

But seriously, looking at the bright side, we did get great feedback on the stories we wrote. So we’ll make a deal with you guys: as long as you keep coming back for more and as long as you keep your voice heard and you keep writing those comments and tweets, we pledge to make a kick writer’s block out of here.

Don’t forget to check us on Twitter and Facebook and keep sharing our blog with people who would find it interesting.Thank you

Thank you guys!

Welcome to another year aboard the Paper Planes and thank you for flying with us.


Picture by Freepik


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