He watched her as she slept in his bed. She looked happy and serene. Their talk last night did her good.

He got up and took a cold shower, replaying the events of the night before. He found himself at a crossroad: the path was diverging and his decisions could no longer coexist. But what was he hoping to find? What could help him make up his mind? This wasn’t just about him anymore. It wasn’t a decision he could afford to rush into, but he must not take too long, as the opportunity could evaporate at any moment.

He went back to his bedroom and saw her, waiting for him. She smiled. He returned the smile then went to his dresser as he put on his work clothes. She watched his every move. Something was off about him lately. She could tell how distant he’d become. He was quiet all the time, in his own little bubble, barely noticing her, as if his thoughts overcame everything else.


He didn’t turn, staring at his face in the mirror, fixing his hair.

“Are you okay?”

He nodded. She could tell that he wasn’t really there. She could feel that he wasn’t hers anymore. She could tell that he was going to hurt her again, he was going to leave.

And with sadness, she realised they needed some time apart.