She had protected herself… She tried to at least.

Sometimes when you keep your guards up, you also keep the good people away. But she had become prisoner of her own fear and doubt.

But if the one person she trusted above any other could leave her so easily, how could she fight this fear. The person she loved the most, the only one – she felt – who didn’t just tolerate her but actually enjoyed her company. Why on earth would she ever let anyone else in? Why in the world would ever trust again? How could she hope that their feelings would honest, or hope they would share whatever feelings she might have for them, or hope that they won’t just get up and leave, or hope they remain in her indefinitely?


She could feel her aching. His voice had never sounded so cold.

She turned to him. “Hi.”

“I brought you some breakfast.” He puts two plastic cups of coffee and a couple of sandwiches on the bedside table.

He took his cup and drank silently as she stared at him, replaying the events of last night. She ruined their plans after she came up with them.

“I’m sorr…”

“It’s fine. You need time. I get it.”

Did he really?

“I shouldn’t have rushed you like that.”

“You didn’t. I wanted this too.”

She sat on the bed.

“I don’t know what to do.”

He came closer and sat next to her.

“None of us really do.”

His hand brought her closer to him.

“We just need someone to tag along.”

She looked at him and smiled.

“We just need someone to protect us.”


Food for your thoughts...

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