Writer’s Block – Part II


Writer’s Block – Part I

The paper is blank.

He continues to stare.

The paper is still blank.

He sighs.

There’s a secret. He was only going to hint at it. If only he knew what the secret was. Okay okay, he can do it.

He takes his pen, looks at the blank paper then write his new first line.

“They found his diary under his bed.”

This is good. This is good. This is intriguing. Right?

Okay, keep going.

“They found his diary under his bed. All the confessions he never dared to share, everything was on this notebook. His fears, his fantasies, his loves, his clients.”

Clients? Okay, he could work with that.

He turned to his precious notebook. “You have reached the second paragraph. How are you going to fill this one? Relax, you’re still on the first page. Most readers will stick with a story for at least the first page – but if it gets boring…”

“Boring” such a scary word. But this wasn’t boring, right?

“Bring in something new. Something that the central character is doing that is unusual – like hanging about in pouring rain. Why would anyone stand in pouring rain, unless there was some important reason that compelled them to?”

Something unusual. Pouring rain. But it makes no sense, he just wrote a guy with a diary and some clients. Is he meeting a client under the rain? This is getting confusing.

Okay so clients, secrets, diary, rain.

He sighs.

Maybe he should get some coffee. Get the ideas flowing. Yes, he should do that. Coffee, ideas, inspiration, good story. That’s the plan! Great plan! Okay, coffee.

He leaves the desk and walks to the kitchen. He stands for a second. Coffeeshop it is.

End of Part II

Part III

Hey again, I think this story will keep going for one more chapter. I don’t know what you thought of it (it was actually hard than part I). Thank you for reading and I would like to also thank one more time the WRITERS BLANK PAGE ELIMINATOR – from where I took the liberty to borrow their tips and use them in this story. 


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