Writer’s Block – Part I

The paper is blank.

He continues to stare.

The paper is still blank.

He sighs.

He hates these kinds of situations. He had no theme, no idea, no plot, not even the first name of his main character. He opens the first drawer of his desk and takes out his most precious notebook. He opens it and searches for the page with the title “Writer’s Block”. He hates this term but he always knew that one day he would eventually need the tips written in here.

“Write about a secret. Slowly give out the information.”

Okay, a secret. He can do that.

A secret.

He takes his pen, looks at the blank paper and writes down the first sentence.

“Mary had a deep secret but she had to tell her fiancé, Joseph.”

He laughs. Joseph and Mary, he’s heard that one before.

He turns back to the notebook: “Make the first paragraph easy to digest, we need to make the reader want to continue to read. Make your first line intriguing.”

Is his first line intriguing?

He stares at it for a moment. Maybe. Or Maybe not.

He sighs then scratches the first line of the paper and takes brand new blank one.

He stares at the new paper.

The paper is still blank.

He sighs.

He stands up as his mind replays the same words: “A secret. An intriguing first line. An intriguing secret.”

He walks to the front door, puts his coat on.

He’ll be back to his blank paper but for now, he’ll settle for a good breakfast.

End of Part I

Part II

Hey guys, this story is obviously not finished yet. Part II will be up later this week. I like having to continue a story where it is left of, so I’ll see how this one unfolds. Thank you for reading and I would like to also thank the WRITERS BLANK PAGE ELIMINATOR – from where I took the liberty to borrow their tips and use them in this story. 


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