Conversations Over Coffee

man and woman in the kitchen Designed by Teksomolika / Freepik

“We always fight on Fridays.”
“We do?”
“Yup, which is a shame because we always have great plans for the weekend.”

“I never realised how much I look like my mother until the funeral.”

“I like your tattoo.”
“Yeah me too.”
“What does it mean?”
“Oh, it’s a long story… a long dark story.”
“I have time.”

“I was thinking of using African percussions for the chorus.”
“Yes, that could work too.”
“Like the Djembe would be nice with your lyrics.”

“The question is do YOU have the strength to succeed?”

“What will you be having today?”
“I’m trying to cut off the coffee.”
“We have a large selection of tea.”
“Mmm no, not today.”
“Fresh juices?”

“And he was like: When I talk, you listen.”
“No way!”
“I know right!”
“What did you do?”
“What else could I have done? I took my stuff and told him to get a life.”

“Are we humans better at creating or destroying?”

“Dogs or Cats?”
“Dogs obviously.”
“Facebook or Twitter?”
“Watching sports or playing?”
“Playing… on Play Station!”
“Mac or PC?”
“Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?”
“Potterhead for life!”
“Burgers or salad?”
“Burgers. I’m not stupid!”
“Black & White or Colors?”
“Bath or shower?”
“Both, with you.”



Food for your thoughts...

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