They had to make sure that no one noticed.

“It’s lovely to see you again!”

She said it in a way that immediately made him feel special.

“The pleasure is all mine Miss R…”

“Misses. Ross.”

A spear hit his heart. He smiled.

“Of course, all the good ones are taken!”

They all laughed. She smiled back as he took her hand and kissed it gently.

“The pleasure is all mine Misses Ross.”

“You’re gonna get in trouble Robert, her man is at the bar.”

Robert looked at the husband asking for a whiskey refill.

“Maybe I should introduce myself to Mr Ross. I bet he’d enjoy meeting me.”

She froze and looked at him, her eyes widened. He stared at her for what felt like an eternity. He could read her thoughts, how worried she was. She previously had made a poor job of hiding their relationship and almost blew the whole thing.

“I’m sure he’d love it.” Her boss insisted. “Mr Ross is a fine man and an outstanding businessman.” Robert laughed. Poor guy didn’t know what he was getting them all into. He looked back at her: she was breathing heavily. He didn’t want to tease her any further.

“Well if you excuse me, I must go and find my lady before the countdown.”

He smiled to her as she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mrs Ross, until next time. Jeff, still waiting for that drink you promised me.”

“Right away!”

Robert walked away as her boss laughed and headed to the bar. She felt so alone when Robert took his beautiful date’s arm. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“There you are.”

Not him. She turned to him as he handed her a glass of wine. He pointed to Robert.

“Who’s that?”

“Jeff’s friend. A businessman.”

“Businessman? Maybe I should introduce myself.”

She held him quickly.

“Not before the countdown.”

He laughed. “Of course. I’m looking forward to that kiss.”

She smiled.


She looked at Robert.


Robert looked back.


He smiled.


She blushed.


Her husband held her tight.


His date put her hands on Robert’s neck.


Their lips came closer.


Their lips came closer.


People were happy.

“One. Happy New Year!”

And as fireworks lit the sky, they kissed someone but not each other.


Kids Believe in Santa

“Kids believe in Santa; adults believe in childhood.”

― Cate Kennedy

Merry Christmas to you all from the Paper Planes family! Enjoy your time tonight, much love!

Thank you for flying with us


Writer’s Block – Part I

The paper is blank.

He continues to stare.

The paper is still blank.

He sighs.

He hates these kinds of situations. He had no theme, no idea, no plot, not even the first name of his main character. He opens the first drawer of his desk and takes out his most precious notebook. He opens it and searches for the page with the title “Writer’s Block”. He hates this term but he always knew that one day he would eventually need the tips written in here.

“Write about a secret. Slowly give out the information.”

Okay, a secret. He can do that.

A secret.

He takes his pen, looks at the blank paper and writes down the first sentence.

“Mary had a deep secret but she had to tell her fiancé, Joseph.”

He laughs. Joseph and Mary, he’s heard that one before.

He turns back to the notebook: “Make the first paragraph easy to digest, we need to make the reader want to continue to read. Make your first line intriguing.”

Is his first line intriguing?

He stares at it for a moment. Maybe. Or Maybe not.

He sighs then scratches the first line of the paper and takes brand new blank one.

He stares at the new paper.

The paper is still blank.

He sighs.

He stands up as his mind replays the same words: “A secret. An intriguing first line. An intriguing secret.”

He walks to the front door, puts his coat on.

He’ll be back to his blank paper but for now, he’ll settle for a good breakfast.

End of Part I

Part II

Hey guys, this story is obviously not finished yet. Part II will be up later this week. I like having to continue a story where it is left of, so I’ll see how this one unfolds. Thank you for reading and I would like to also thank the WRITERS BLANK PAGE ELIMINATOR – from where I took the liberty to borrow their tips and use them in this story. 

I’m no longer twenty

I woke up today determined to seriously change the way my life is going, determined to find answers to all the questions that have been haunting me for the past twenty years or so. Because yes, I am at an age where I can say “twenty years ago”.

You see I’m no longer twenty. Well actually, that’s an understatement since I’m almost thirty. As I come closer to those scary double digits, a billion idea goes through my brain.

Do you feel sometimes that things are out of your control? That time is flying by and you’re there witnessing so much change that you cannot do anything about? Do you feel like yesterday you were barely graduating from school and here you are surrounded by friends getting engaged, married, having kids, succeeding in their careers, making money, being all responsible? On the other hand, you’re not ready for any of it yet. Things are moving on such a fast pace that you can’t keep up with them anymore.

Is it that bad that I just want to spend days not leaving the house playing video games for five hours straight, eating chips, drinking soda and not having to worry about a paycheck or about being a freelance and the risk of not having work tomorrow or next week. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even allowed to think that way at my age.

I may be turning thirty soon but I really don’t know how time passed. I don’t only feel much younger than that, I feel like my mental age is still cruising in its teenage years. Maybe this is some sort of a wake-up call because I always thought being twenty is going to last, which is totally naive. I guess I never really pictured myself growing up. But now, I’m left with no choice and I really really must grow up.

So on the eve of my twenty-sixth birthday, I decide to make the absolute best of these four years, to grow up on my own pace and to come of age at the right time


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She didn’t know what she was thinking. She shouldn’t have come here. She should never have said yes. Never in a million year, she would have imagined herself in such a situation.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror: why did he pick her in the first place? What did he see in her that she couldn’t? Why did he insist over and over again?

She looked at her face – her tired eyes from the lack of sleep all week. She couldn’t stop worrying about tonight. She opened her purse and took out her pencil case. She put on a little make-up and hoped she looked alive.

A gentle knock on the door followed by his gentle voice.

“You alright there, Annie?”

“Yes, yes I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Alright. All is set in here.”

She was not even ready but she didn’t want him to get impatient. In any case, if she stayed more than a minute in this bathroom, she was sure that she’d talk herself out of this. Maybe she should though. She removed her pants and top then stood in her underwear in and stared at the mirror again. Luckily he snatched her out of her thoughts before they could start.

“Would you like something to drink? I can make coffee.”

“I’m good, thanks.”

She removed the remaining clothing items and took the white bathrobe that he had prepared for her. She put it on and took a deep breath.

She unlocked the door then slowly opened it.


And there he was, all dressed-up but barefoot. His blue jeans and white shirt. His dark skin. His beautiful face. His brown eyes. What did he see in her?

He came closer.

“Shall we start?”

She nodded. He led her to his bed.

“If you could just lay here, it’d be perfect.”

She responded quickly to his request.



“The bathrobe.”

“Oh right!” She sat back up and removed the robe as he looked away. Who were they kidding? In less than a minute, he was going to see everything.

He walked towards the tripod and stood behind his camera. She let the robe fall to the floor and lied back on the bed. She shivered as her body touched his blue bed sheet.


She shook her head.


She nodded.


She smiled. He smiled back and looked at her through his camera.


She blushed.

CLICK. The first picture.

“Just perfect.”

She blushed even more.

“You were always the quiet one.”

She smiled and thought that maybe they could – eventually – become friends.

An hour passed.

Two hours. He would come closer, take his pictures then stand by the entrance and take some more. They never took a break, he was in “the zone”. But she was exhausted and sore. The lights on her. The camera on her. His eyes on her. She never liked to be the centre of the attention.

Another hour passed and she couldn’t wait to hear these words:

“Okay, I believe we’re done for the day.”

He smiled as she relaxed for a moment then quickly wore back the robe. He laughed.

“Beautiful work. Beautiful girl.”

He came closer to her. She stopped moving as he kissed her lips softly. So much for becoming friends, maybe they’ll become lovers instead.

“So same time next week?”

“Next week?”

“I’d like to do this on a regular basis.”

Maybe she’ll become his muse.

She shrugged: “Um sure.”

His smile widened and he kissed her again.

“Perfect. You’re a natural.”

She smiled nervously. Natural? Natural at what? Lying naked on a bed? That required talent indeed.

As she drowned in her thoughts again, he stood up and reached his wallet left on his desk and took out a hundred-dollar bill. He came closer to her and handed over the bill. She looked at him in disbelief.

“Patrick told me you needed cash.” He smiled and put the money in her palm. “Don’t worry, this will be our little secret.”

She stood there in silence unable to speak, not sure how to feel.

“Lighten up.”

He pointed to his laptop. “I’ll check how the pictures turned out. Feel free to put your clothes back on, or just stay as you are. I don’t mind.”

He sat on his bed, connected the camera to the computer. She took a step back to the bathroom as the last hope of them ever becoming friends or lovers vanished into thin air.

Thank You

Hey guys,

So this is a small announcement from us at PaperPlanes. We just wanted to thank each and every one of you for reading and thank you all for your beautiful comments on the blog and on social media. We are way too happy!

It’s an amazing feeling when your writing reaches an interesting engaging audience and we are so excited, proud and thankful.

Please keep coming back for more tales, share them with your friends and have a drink tonight on our behalf!

Thank you again for flying with us!




We were both standing by the door. None of us moved or talked for the past ten minutes.

“Are you ready?”

He didn’t answer.



“Are you ready?”


He clearly wasn’t. I take his hand and stand in front of him.

“I know you’re nervous. I am too.”

“I’m not nervous. I’m okay.”


He took out his keys and opened the door. He let me through first – always a gentleman – then closed the door behind him. The TV was on, we could hear it.

“They’re in the living room.”

I nod. He put his keys on the counter then looked at his reflexion in the mirror. He ran his hand into his hair then turned to me and smiled. I held him in my arms for a few seconds then kissed his forehead. He whispered:

“Don’t worry about it too much darling.”

I let him go gently but kept both of my hands on his back and whispered back:

“I want you to know that I’m so proud of you.”

He smiled, it was a little forced this time.

“I felt so much better when I did it.”

“But it’s different here. Mine are not like yours.”

“I know but it will be okay. I’m with you.”

He smiled again.

“Let’s get this shit done then.”

I shake my head.

“You don’t have to, you know? Definitely not with this attitude.”

“Oh really? We’ve been having this conversation for months and you’ve made it clear that we didn’t have a choice.”

“That’s not true. You can do it later if you’re not ready now…”

“Look I’m not going to argue with you right now…”


We both turned to his mother leaving the living room holding a tray with two empty mugs. Jasmine tea, probably. His parents always drank Jasmine tea. No sugar. Three cups a day, at least. Jasmine tea always smells nice. I like his parents very much.

“Hey mom.”

“Hello Mrs Williams.”

“Hello Tim.”

I smiled to her and silently prayed she wouldn’t hate me in the next few minutes. Ray took the tray from her hands and put it on the counter.

“What’s wrong honey?” she asked in her sweet voice.

Ray – always the drama king – remained silent and lead her back to the living room. I quickly followed. His father was still watching TV, he turned to us and smiled.

“What’s with the long faces boys?”

“I caught them ‘not wanting to argue'”, Mrs Williams joke.

Her husband giggled: “Well neither do we.”

Ray stood in front of his father as his mother sat on the couch next to her husband.

“Come on then, have seat both of you. We’ll make some more tea!”

Ray remained silent for little more as I came closer to him. And I stood there next to him and waited, my heart skipping beat after beat.

“Mom, dad. I’ve got something very important to tell you.”