In a Perfect World

On his twelve’s birthday, Mark was stuck in the elevator for two hours and missed his own party.

On his graduation day, Mark fell down the stairs and broke his left arm and hurt his back.

On his first day at college, Mark had his appendix removed – after it exploded in his stomach.

On Valentines Day, Mark’s date never showed up.

On his twentieth birthday, Mark smashed his brand new car into a wall.

On his first day at work, Mark broke the flush of the office’s toilet.

On his first date with his future wife, Mark’s grandmother passed away.

On his wedding day, Mark hurt himself while shaving.

On a Sunday night, Mark accidentally dropped his iPhone in the toilet.

Mark is unlucky.

In a perfect world, Mark should have been lucky. But this was not perfect world because:

On his son’s birthdate that year, Mark was running to the hospital from work. Mark waited impatiently and crossed the street when the light was green. But the taxi driver never saw him.


Food for your thoughts...

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