Songs I Wish I Wrote

So apparently lists are a big hit so here is one where I basically just wish out loud that I was brilliant enough to write the following songs. This will most probably turn out to be a never-ending list, so there might a part two or ten.
Keep in my mind that the songs on the list are in no particular order.

Songs I Wish I Wrote:

  • Common People by Pulp, released in 1995 on the album Different Class.
    I had to start it somewhere. So it started there.


  • The Answer by Blue October, released in 1998 on the album The Answers.
    To be honest, almost any song written by Justin Furstenfeld applies to this category. “I’m an automatic steeple for depressed and lonely people.


  • No Hope by The Vaccines, released in 2012 on the album Come of Age.
    I believe this is the song that represents me the most. Having to grow up and not being ready at all. Not knowing what your next step should be. Coming of age basically (more on that in an upcoming post, stay tuned).



  • C’est une belle journée by Mylène Farmer, released in 2002 on the album (Best of) Les Mots. (The link will take you to the live version).
    The song was originally conceived as “It’s a beautiful day, I’m going to kill myself” according to Farmer (“C’est une belle journée, je vais me tuer” instead of “je vais me coucher”). “Going to bed” became her euphemism for suicide.


  • You & Me by Penny and The Quarters. This song was featured on one of my favourite films Blue Valentine (a film that you must watch if you haven’t already).


  • Sleepwalker by The Wallflowers, released in 2000 on the album Breach.
    I’m in your movie and everyone looks sad.


  • O Children by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, released in 2004 on the album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus.
    Confession time: I was introduced to the song while watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I during the infamous (and underrated in my opinion) Hermione/Harry dance scene. I was completely drawn to it and it became one of my favourites.


  • Name in Stone by Dead Man’s Bones, released in 2009.In case you haven’t heard of Dead Man’s Bones, I recommend you read this and I’ll let you discover them.


  • Asleep by The Smith, released in 1987 on the album The World Won’t Listen, aka the song that in my opinion should have been the song that makes you feel infinite.


I think I’ll limit myself to these ten for tonight but I’ll definitely keep this list going so make sure to check it.

This post is a part of the Discover Challenge.


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