Coffee Share

– If you could have coffee right now with any person dead or alive, who would you pick?

– Is it possible to change the drink?

– What?

– I don’t like coffee.

– Oh okay. Well that’s fine, you can have tea instead…

– I don’t drink tea.

– It’s really irrelevant. It’s just a metaphor…

– Hot chocolate maybe…

– Seriously I just mean that if you were given…

– But drinking hot chocolate is rather childish!

– If you were given the chance to have a conversation with…

– Do you think alcohol would be suitable for such an occasion?

– Are you even listening to me?

– Like a beer or a cup of wine?

– What?

– Whiskey definitely.

– You are completely missing the point here.

– You know what?

– What?

– I think I’d rather have dinner instead.



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