Why Do I Write

Never, ever use repetitive redundancies. Don’t use no double negatives. Proofread carefully to see if you any words out. – William Safire

Hello. I’ve had this blog for a week now and I could definitely get used to this. Through my discovery of WordPress during this past week, I came across different articles on how to progress through the blog and set goals. I signed-up to a couple of newsletters, more like quick online courses, including one about how to find inspiration everyday (Thank you WordPress Daily). Well anyway in one of the emails, we were asked to think and write about why we write.

And as it was requested, I set my timer for fifteen minutes, put some music on and “free-wrote”.

Why do I write?

Surprisingly enough, I don’t find it that hard to answer this question because writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.
When I was younger, back in school, I was scared of starting conversations, I didn’t know how to approach people, I could barely answer the phone. I even remember a time where I would skip lunch or dinner because I just couldn’t call the restaurant and order food. I would be alone for most times because I just didn’t know how to socialize. And that’s how it started.

I had a lot of things to say but not a lot of people to talk to. So I began to write and I felt that I was actually good at it. That doesn’t mean that my sixteen-year-old-self’s writing is still any good. In fact, I try my best not to delete them despite how tempting it is. But I keep them well hidden because I occasionally like to read them again and remember that person, the thoughts. It feels like a different life.

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works” – Virginia Woolf

I got a lot better since, I’m not as socially awkward but I still have my “moments” and fortunately my writing – dare I assume – got better as well. The passion is still there and the need for it as well. I’m happy to say that it’s a part of my daily life (Twitter, short stories, screenplays and now this blog) and hopefully, one day, it will even become my only day job.

I can definitely see how hard and long it will take to get more readers, because obviously so far my best friend and my mom are my only two fans (I did get some good feedback earlier today but still, thank you dear tweep). But as I previously mentioned, this is a part of a much-needed therapy and it is a lot cheaper than seeing a shrink.

PS: We want to hear more from you and we really want to know what you want us to write (we need your ideas for an upcoming blog post). So please head to our contact page or tweet us with your suggestions.


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