Ink on Paper Planes

I thought long and hard before starting this. It’s been recurring for a while now but I always manage to get the idea out of my head quite quickly.
Maybe out of insecurity. Maybe out of laziness. Maybe out of the fear of a commitment. But lately I started obsessing about it a little bit that it (and I) became annoying.

So anyway, I did it. I pressed on that publish button late on a Wednesday night, in early November. And here I was: left with a blank screen, a suffering laptop – who took ages to type this text – and a mind going insane.

I hope I don’t scare you away. I hope you’ll give me and my writing a chance. I hope you’ll stick around to witness the rise of the next big thing – aka yours truly. Or just watch me fail and laugh a little, which is also a possibility.

In any case, welcome aboard the Paper Planes and thank you for flying with us.



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